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Prepare your own joints, edibles, extracts, vapes, tinctures and topical with marijuana flower carefully cultivated by horticultural experts. Shop 420 Dank’ flower dispensary for multiple strains of bud sourced from healthy, vibrant plants producing potent flowers that provide a variety of medical effectiveness and recreational experience to suit your needs. Buy Cannabis Online Europe

Pre-Rolled Joints

Our team sources a variety of marijuana strains for our pre-rolled joints, which are available in singles, pre-roll packs and infused options. Our knowledgeable budtenders can help you choose from numerous cannabis brands to select the option with just the right amount of indica, sativa, or hybrid of the two to fit your needs.


If you prefer the comforting high that comes from cannabis extract added to baked goods, candy, chips and other food items, you’ve come to the right place. 42oDank’ wide selection of edibles are prepared according to exacting standards of taste and potency, and they’re an ideal choice for many over vaping, smoking or tinctures.


Our selection of easy and convenient cartridges for a wide range of vape pens offers the satisfaction of marijuana easily wherever you are. Starbuds has a variety of efficient and effective options for discreet use. Buy Cannabis Online Europe


Ideal for the long-lasting effects that come from sublingual use, cannabis tinctures offer quick, flexible dosing and optimal absorption.


Starbuds carries a wide array of prepared cannabis topicals for a soothing experience that enhances your skin-care routine. Our numerous brands of lotions and bath products include those high in CBD, indica or hybrids.


Shop according to your potency preferences: pure wax, live resin, badder, shatter, rosin, RSO and other concentrates. Starbuds offers cannabis extracts in single-strain varieties and multiple-strain blends for custom effects.